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Kyle Wall

Kyle Wall photo Kyle Wall
  • Blue belt 4

Having served in the Canadian Armed Forces for 18 years, I have developed an affinity for teaching in both my professional and personal life. In the Forces I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Honours). Professionally, I have taught with the Canadian Forces Training and Development Center, as well as the Conflict Management Services Center. In my personal life I have instructed Guitar, and hold my Level 2 Ski instructor certification, and am also certified as a Canadian Ski Patroller. Who knows I may have also taught your kids how to ski at Kinosoo Ridge!
As a parent I placed my children in Kempe's youth BJJ program upon its opening, and immediately caught the desire to get on the mats after watching my son and daughter's first classes.  Having worked alongside Professor Bernie Antle as an Aviation Technician in my early military years, observing his authenticity and love of the sport was infectious. Seizing the opportunity, I jumped on the mats and haven't looked back since...I've been consistently training since 2019.
Kempe Fitness and fighting is more than just a studio, it has become a second home, family, and social club! Jiu Jitsu is a therapy unlike any other, never will you find a sport that demands such humility.  
Respect - Discipline - Confidence - Reward