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Studio Policies & Procedures

Please review below our studios current policies and procedures in place.


1. No refunds on memberships and/or class purchases - including monthly and 6-month memberships purchased. All monthly membership payments are on a 30-day payment cycle, meaning every 30 days from signup your payment will be auto-withdrawn from the credit card on your file. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOWING WHEN YOUR PAYMENT IS AUTO-WITHDRAWN FROM YOUR PAYMENT CARD ON FILE EACH MONTH. Your billing cycle is indicated on your online profile. A late fee of $25 will be charged for late payments made after 2 days.

2. CANCELLATION POLICY: Recurring monthly BJJ and MMA memberships will be charged to payment card on file automatically until a minimum of 30 days advance notice of cancellation is provided via email to
Any recurring monthly payments that fall within the 30 days advance notice period will be charged as per usual.

3. There is a 3-month expiry on all individual class pass purchases at time of purchase (drop in classes only).

4. Holds/freezes on accounts will only be placed for medical reasons or work-related travel exceeding 3 consecutive weeks. 

5. You are required to CHECK IN yourself/your child for each class you/they attend just prior to class start time. NO EXCEPTIONS! This tracks our in-studio attendance AND tracks your progress towards promotion.

6. We reserve the right to cancel accounts in arrears past 3 days. If you would like to return, membership will be at current online pricing.

7. We are a barefoot-only studio -- please no shoes indoors!

8. Parents of youth under 10yrs ARE REQUIRED to walk your child to/from our studio doors please. Your childs safety is our top priority!

9. PLEASE NO LOITERING OUTSIDE OUR STUDIO DOORS, IN HALLWAYS OR CORRIDORS ALONG THE TOP FLOOR!  We ask you take any gatherings/conversations with other parents OUTSIDE OUR BUILDING in order to respect other businesses on our floor.

10. We run classes year round! Space(s) for your child(ren) WILL NOT BE SAVED if you choose not to train and/or pay monthly membership fees through July & August. Spaces in our Youth BJJ program are highly sought after -- we are always waitlisted -- therefore we will not hold your spot until September unless you continue payment through the summer.