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Classically Pilates

6-week registered session

Stay tuned for upcoming Fall 2024 session!

Mon & Wed @930am ~ 40min classes ~ 12 classes total

$169 +tax

Intentional and controlled movements married with breathwork lengthen the muscles, bring flexibility into the spine, and stabilize the core.

Not only does this promote balance, strength, and flexibility, but a strong, stable core reduces pressure on the spine helping to alleviate back and hip pain. Restorative elements will be added as a part of this session.


6-week registered session

Stay tuned for upcoming session 

Primal Pilates includes the 7 primal movement patterns our bodies were naturally designed to perform and are the basis of human functional movement. Improvements in balance, calisthenic & core strength, flexibility, mobility and posture will be encouraged throughout this sessions practise. 

* pre-registration required with space limited for more one-on-one focus *