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Classic Pilates 6-week registered session - Daytime session Mon & Wed @930am    $120 +tax

~ Stay tuned for upcoming Fall session ~

2 - 40min classes/week (12 classes total)

Pilates trains the body as an integrated whole, focusing on core, lower body, and upper body strength, as well as flexibility and posture.
Pilates workouts promote balanced muscle strength and increased range of motion for joints, with a focus on control and technique.

Restorative Pilates 6-week registered session - Thursday Evening session    $99 +tax

~ Stay tuned for upcoming Fall session ~

Thursdays @530pm ~ 1 - 40min class/week (6 classes total)

Enjoy this Restorative Pilates practise to improve flexibility, range of motion, joint mobility, to balance musculature and improve posture. Breathwork 'married' with movement will be a focus in this class.

Pilates (Classic/Restorative Mix)

6-week registered session - Sunday mornings  $99 +tax

~ Stay tuned for upcoming Fall session ~

Sundays @930am ~ 1-40min class/week


6-week registered session - Sunday Evenings @530pm   $99 +tax

~ Stay tuned for upcoming Fall session ~ 

Primal Pilates includes the 7 primal movement patterns our bodies were naturally designed to perform and are the basis of human functional movement. Improvements in balance, calisthenic & core strength, flexibility, mobility and posture will be encouraged throughout this sessions practise. 

* pre-registration required with space limited for more one-on-one focus *