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Classically Pilates

6-week registered session

Mon & Wed @930am ~ 40min classes ~ 11 classes total (excl. Mon Oct 9th)

$159 +tax

Stay tuned for upcoming session in Feb 2024

Intentional and controlled movements married with breathwork lengthen the muscles, bring flexibility into the spine, and stabilize the core.

Not only does this promote balance, strength, and flexibility, but a strong, stable core reduces pressure on the spine helping to alleviate back and hip pain. Restorative elements will be added as a part of this session.

Revitalizing Pilates

6-week registered session

Thursdays @530pm ~ 40min classes ~ 6 classes total

$99 +tax

Stay tuned for upcoming session in Feb 2024

Enjoy this Revitalizing Pilates practise to improve flexibility, range of motion, joint mobility, to balance musculature and improve posture. Breathwork integrated with movement will be a focus in this session.


6-week registered session

Stay tuned for upcoming session 

Primal Pilates includes the 7 primal movement patterns our bodies were naturally designed to perform and are the basis of human functional movement. Improvements in balance, calisthenic & core strength, flexibility, mobility and posture will be encouraged throughout this sessions practise. 

* pre-registration required with space limited for more one-on-one focus *