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Evolution Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & MMA - Youth & Adult

Jiu Jitsu, or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as it is commonly named outside Brazil, is a grappling orientated martial art/combat sport that evolved from its Japanese roots in 1920’s Brazil, and continued to evolve for many decades after until its present format. This style though previously established in its native country, became highly popular within the northern hemisphere after a series of performances from BJJ fighter Royce Gracie in the early UFC’s (Ultimate Fighting Championship) where he battled against competitors from many different martial arts backgrounds in the no holds barred tournament, becoming the fighting promotion’s first champion. This event proved Jiu Jitsu’s efficiency and helped raise awareness all around the world, becoming one of the reasons behind the sport’s growth.


Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

* We Run Year round!

We offer both Adult Gi and no-Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes 4 days per week -- 2 Gi classes, and 2 no-Gi classes. A Gi is required attire to attend all Gi specific classes.

All adult classes instructed by 1st degree Black Belt Professor Bernie Antle, and Purple Belt Instructors Anton Kukushkin, Mitch Ramos and Neil MacEachern, as well as Blue Belt Instryctors Ryan McNabb ansmd Kyle Wall.


Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

* We Run Year round!

We offer Youth 6+ Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes 2 days per week - Sundays & Wednesdays - divided into 2 groups -- 6-9yrs, and 10yrs+.

* Please see our online schedule for days/times specific to your childs age (6-9yrs & 10yrs+) *

A Gi is required attire to attend.

All Youth classes are instructed by BJJ 1st Degree Black Belt Professor Bernie Antle, however there may be instances where a Blue or Purple Belt instructor subs in.



* We Run Year Round!

Focusing on the foundational principles and movements -- clinch, takedowns, striking -- this class will be instructed by former Pro MMA fighter and 1st degree BJJ Black Belt Professor Bernie Antle. Cardio conditioning, padwork and partner work will be a part of this class. 

* Please Note:  6oz leather sparring gloves and a mouthguard are required to attend *


YOUTH MMA 10-15yrs

6-week registered session    $99 +tax


1 - 50min class each week  

* Please Note:  Depending on childs size, 4 or 6oz sparring gloves are required to attend *